Poets from Juliette Low School of the Arts Read at Earth Day Event

Five Juliette Low students inspired the audience with their poems.   Second grade student, Itzayana Benitez, cautioned the audience to “think before you litter,” in “Earth Day Poem.”  Yatzeri Benitez, fourth grade student, read her poem entitled, “Protect Our Species,” focused on the trash in our ocean that harms our precious marine life.  In her poem entitled, “Mother Earth,” Jasmine Nguyen wrote, “Mother Earth is crying, her tears salty and divine. Humans started to room with her, and at first she didn’t mind.”   Lala Gandary, sixth grade student, read her poem entitled, “Underwater Zoo,” which was inspired by Dr. Seuss and explored the exotic animals that need to be protected in our ocean.

Following the student readings, Mr. Hier read poems that students had sent to him as well as some of his own work.  It was a truly inspirational evening and a tribute to Earth Day, which every poet agreed should be every day.